Hit it & Quit it

You come over with your candle light intentions, mop me off my feet and raise my weakness for comfort as one’s opportunity to grab and selfishly feast on my vulnerable body. It’s embarrassing yet a huge turn on that my bed knows exactly how to transform my concrete muscles into cotton candy marshmallows. When I’m in your brace my clouds are digested beyond just releasing a fart that’s been held in too long that it splashes little diarrhea stains in your brain.

Not for long will you be able to seduce me any longer, for I’ve met someone. I’ve found someone that adds value to my mornings and gives me opportunities that I never came close to having when I’m with you. He’s a teaser, though he gives me what I want he makes me work to get closer, pushes and drives me, drives me away from you for he knows you spoil me; spoils and drains the success from within me.

Cater to my needs but without my permission of desire and temptation to strive for nothing less than the best. I’m satisfied by his motivation and confidence in me. He made the pipes open and rain down on me, sheltered me with warmth and soothes me with relaxation. I am alone with you now and I did exactly what you said. From now on amma just Hit it & Quit it and come right back to you. Because come to think about it if I didn’t have my phone, I would never get to school. 



What lay under the little red hood of the girl that thought she could ride



This isn’t a fairy-tale with a gloomy ending, it’s a cycle that life prepares you for reality, and if you’re not into surprises and silly games than avoid the theatrical image and see situations as they are; 

Little Red Riding Hood… Well let’s just say that she’s not little anymore, although she still remains to ride through the forest in her red hood. Off to see grandma with a basket filled with juicy fire blazing apples, hot water melting chocolate chip cookies, diced tuna sandwiches and banana’s for the trip back home. “Lu Lu Skip To My Lu, What Would Mommy & Daddy Say If They Knew I was with You” Little Red Riding Hood Sung through the forest with the big bad wolf that’s been good to her all day long. She never made it to grandma’s house, not once ever since…. The Big Bad Wolf was now inside of the Big Red Riding hood that never should, never would have, but because of sin could have and did….


Careless circus director causes tiger to spread wings and fly

-Be aware! Circus tiger has escaped and is on the loose in the area of Alphen and den Rijn.

The world’s most famous international Circus Bepsie is in town from 2 to 27 January. The Netherlands was the only country in which it didn’t make its mark, but now from what we have as a dangerous situation on our hands, it’s mark has been made as of today said A.N. de Vlah; Director of the Circus Bepsie. 

What we have on our hands, well not literally is a wild tiger from New Delhi that goes by the name of Bella. Bella is famous for damaging her €20.000 cage, so even though this was no shocker, it did set this back for the Circus when Bella was no where to be found inside her cage, especially to find out that she wasn’t the only animal that had bitten through the locks. Her accomplices were none other than her own cubs; what a role model was she.  

However, no need to panic, the circus director was able to get them back into their cages by pushing them in with a steel pole. The real panic was when Bella and her cubs attacked the circus’ two camels which resulted in the death of the oldest camel due to severe wounds.

We got hold of a local resident who had something to say about the whole incident. According to her; while standing in the garden with her architect they heard a loud noise. At first, she thought it was her house cat, but judging from the roar that she heard, such was impossible. To then find myself looking straight into the jaws of a huge tiger, she just froze. “It felt as if it the tiger was directly in front of me, but thank God for the fence between us” the resident stated to the Alphen police force after contacting them on the spot.

A. de Vries; police spokeman comments as follows: “A nuisance. Dangerous. They made it their responsibility to take this matter serious after such careless incident.

The circus director was fined for failing to observe safety and security rules. Section 3.222 of the Netherlands Criminal Code (Wetboek van Strafrecht) in particular has been contravened. This states that a circus director will be jointly and severally liable for the locks used on the animal cages.


If trees are cut down, then Jacques too must be cut down

A motion was raised by the Leefbaar Ermelo Party on the 10th of January 2012. Such motion erupted due to the fact that alderman Jacques Huisman from the Groen Ermelo party attempted and succeeded in cutting down two old oak trees behind his new bungalow on the Puttenseweg without having a tree-felling permit. He is now placed in the position to stand down as he no longer has the confidence of the munipal council. This motion was supported by the CDA, VVD and PvdA parties.

Ajax football trainer should take extra time learning the rules of driving

While many people complain on how Monday mornings should commit suicide by just jumping off the face of the earth and erasing her existance, some people such as Cor Velman; trainer for the Ajax2 and a male tractor driver by the initials K.B decided to have some fun and play bumper cars on the Kruislaan in Amsterdam. While K.B just sustained a number of bruises, Mr. Veldman broke his leg and is now awaiting treatment. Guess to say Ajax2 needs to find themselves a new trainer; one with professional driving skills.





I’m not on any medication and I have no idea why not. Shy when I need to be, but where there is comfort the personality and character just jumps out and gives you that wet willy you’ve been dying for but no one ever had the cover to do that to you because you would punch them in the throat; or at least I would if anyone even thinked about putting there smelly breath finger in my ear. Haha I live you laugh, and I sleep to awaken and eat; Endless End~